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Velocity Powersports Sucks

Charleston Powersports Sucks

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I will never take my atv back up there they messed my brakes up and then wanted me to pay them to fix it they are horrible. It's sorry that they will not stand behind their work.

One of my brothers bought a Kawasaki Nomad from them. They sold it as a great running bike. HA!!! He got to ride it it for 2 weeks and put roughly 200 miles on it before he had to replace the brakes, clutch, and carburetor. When he called them, he was told hey thats the risk you take with a used bike. But he did the right thing and called the SC Attorney Generals office and filed a consumer affairs complaint. Everyone that works there knows what's going on, don't come on here and want people to have sympathy for your family members who are helping this company rip people off.

All I know is I took my bike in for a carb job and they tell me that the motor I locked up... the symptoms where it would start to turn over and then it would click went home charge the battery for about 10 minutes and it fired right up but they wanted to rebuild the motor. So either the people who work there are really incompetent or the companies trying to rip you off those are only two options. Heck I don't even know why they were trying start it I told them that the oil had gas in it from it overflowing.

I looked at a small Polaris 4 wheeler here for my daughter and got a really bad vibe from the manager there so I left and went elsewhere. They were asking way more than the retail and seemed to think I was an ignorant when it came to their games.

Is that the old hager?? If so the service department is a joke too they told me the motor was blown on my bike. When it was just a low battery that didn't have enough power to turn it over. Crazy.

it's a simple thing. businesses need to do right by people.

Agreed if you take your bike in for a carb job and they tell you that your motor needs to be rebuilt . You may have an issue with your ethics.

Friend of mine took his wheeler there for wiring harness they told him $700.00 he brought back home said heck with that he'd fix it with some spare parts from another.

Yeah, they are a joke for sure. Never taking my bike back there.

I drove up to Concord to Ride Now Power sports for a tire this weekend. Pretty good service and quick. Also they do free install so I saved money.

I bought a Polaris express 300 from them back in 98 when they where hager found out later that I was paying $2000 more than any where else. Also they said the oil injection was too rich so they leaned it out and I blew the engine 2 days later. They covered it under warranty but it took them 6 months to get round to fixing it. It sat in the weather the whole time when I kept it in a shed. I hardly could tell it was my quad when I saw it. Never did business with them again.

These eople can not be trusted.

You should be able to trust a company to do right by you if they screw something up. Rock Hill Powersports has no interest in taking responsibility. They just want your money.



If you have been ripped off, mistreated, lied to, scammed, cheated, misled, over-promised, duped, delayed, ignored, abused, neglected, wronged, ill-treated, conned or bushwhacked by Velocity Powersports LLC dba ROCK HILL POWERSPORTS, VELOCITY POWERSPORTS or CHARLESTON POWERSPORTS then we want to hear from you!!! PLEASE, PLEASE share this site!!! Rock Hill Powersports, formerly known as Hager Cycle World, would like you to think they are a different, better group but it's the same old thing, different day. Hager Cycle World was bought out by Velocity Powersports LLC. Managing partner Jerry Cristo (aka Gerald Joseph Cristo) heads up Rock Hill Powersports. They have two other locations in the Charleston area (Velocity Powersports & Charleston Powersports). They pledged their loyalty to their customers just recently in the Rock Hill Herald (here's the article, Rock Hill Powersports makes fun their business) yet in reality they lack transparency and are only out for their best interest regardless of any negligence on their part. Once again it's a company that refuses to be accountable and take responsibility for their actions. Please read the reviews below. The only way to get their attention is to take them to court, the media and social media to expose their lies and fabrications. Feel free to go by their Facebook page and give them a review about your sad experience. Collectively we can make a difference and protect the rights of consumers. Here's their Facebook page: ROCK HILL POWERSPORTS. You can also go to their Velocity Powersports Facebook page at VELOCITY POWERSPORTS. Here's their Twitter account. VELOCITY POWERSPORTS

Velocity Powersports LLC built a $5,000,000 building in Ladsen, SC back in 2009. According to Manta, they have between 5 and 10 million dollars in annual revenue and yet they have an F grade with the Better Business Bureau of Charleston and Charleston Powersports has been sued. According to one of the attorneys, Jerry Christo is a very methodical, all about the numbers kind pf guy. He was compared to the character played by Dan Aykyrod in the movie "Tommy Boy." The character's name was Ray Zalinkski and when the camera was on he was quoted as saying "I make car parts for the American working man and because that's what I am and that's who I care about" and yet in his business dealings he is a stone cold numbers guy who cares about little else than his bottom line.

Reviews for the Collective Locations with More to come.

Matt Lovin

This place is a joke. From the GM with his 1970's look to the high or drunk sales staff. Get it together. If you don't want to work there quit. Don't make people who want to buy stuff mad, it's a shame. use to love this place.

Jo-Ann Breau - 4 months ago-
(Written by Paul Breau) BUYER BEWARE!!! If you need repairs, be even more aware!!! They have no clue on how to service even their own bikes. This is not being written in anger because 2 yrs. have passed since I had my bike. I've been hearing similar experiences to my own experience with this place and decided it was time to write a review to warn others from getting ripped off also. They charged me over the course of 3 visits in 1 month, $1800 & still did not solve the problem. I was so fed up that I sold my bike & explained everything to the guy buying my bike. He called me up within a few days to tell me that it was a loose ground.... REALLY, these idiots who call themselves "Professionals" couldn't solve this problem but managed to get $1800 from me!!! Now I understand why they are in such a big, beautiful building, it's from ripping off the public.

Richard Demmerle - 5 months ago-
Beware of the service dept. I've had several issues now with the service dept, but this last one was bad enough to make me write a negative review. Service related issues ( I wish I could attach pictures):I recently purchased new Teryx from Velocity. Before leaving the dealership, I had to point out that a bolt was snapped off in the bed. After they fixed it, they tried to charge me for it. When I complete my first service on it today, I noticed the top 2 bolts that hold the bumper in we not installed. This is frustrating by itself; however when I got the Teryx, I also ordered the winch and winch plate from the dealership. With the bumper unbolted and leaning forward, the winch and plate didn't mount correctly. I worked with KFI (who was great) to solve the issue. I replaced it with a front hitch and winch plate. Now two months later, I see why the mounting plated never fit.ATV Service earlier 2014: I had to get some work done to my can-am ATV. When I got the atv back from Velocity, it had looked like the fairing around the steering column had been yanked off. Upon further investigation, I measured the gap in the fairing. I had a .5 inch gap on one side, and a .75 inch gap on the other. The fairing over the front wheels had several deep scratches in it as well from them bending it off. New ATV purchase: I got a new can-am from velocity. When I got it home and drove it down the street, it stalled out and died. When I brought it back to the dealer ship, they discovered someone did not completely connect a wiring harness. This harness came apart during it's first ride.After getting the ATV back, I was cleaning it about a month later and noticed it also had a bolt missing on each side that held the fairing to the frame. When I called the, about it they told me to but bolts because bolts aren't covered under warranty, and there was no way they would have missed them. I have pictures of all these issues, fell free to contact me for more info.

Ralph Allen Beach - 2 years ago-
This place sucks...I needed my moped fixed and they don't work on any vehicle they don't sell...The people were rude as well...Don't go to them unless you have cash and you want to be treated like a nobody...and they are trying to sell vehicles for more than what they are really worth and you will end up paying alot of money to fix your vehicle...But, If you like getting ripped off by all means...Go for it.

scott bourque - 5 months ago-
service sucks..i dont know where they get their mechanics but a chain replacement left two lock bolts/nuts on the adjuster of the chain/cnter bolt which needs to be on there for safety lost...really calling em back for this plus the chain is too short they took too many links off of a 177 dollar chain i bought.

Scott Nicholas - 11 months ago-
Perhaps they are OK at selling, but their service department is terrible.I brought in my Kawasaki Ninja 300 which I bought from them for a wreck estimate/repair. They charged 9 hours labor and couldn't even be bothered to put the plastic fairings on correctly. When brought to their attention, they replaced the plastic pegs with SCREWS. They put SCREWS in the visible front end of my bike and there is still a HUGE gap which the wind gets in and pops the fairings out again!I could fix this but I wasn't paid $100/hr to snap on plastic parts.

Michael Morris - 2 years ago-
I've been shopping around everywhere in Charleston for a motorcycle. The salesman I had the "great pleasure" of meeting was very rude and not helpful at all. I inquired as to the horsepower of a Aprilla Shiver (which is a 750cc not that he could tell me that) he told me bikes are not rated by horsepower but by CC, when in fact CC is the engine displacement and does not necessarily reflect the top speed, torque, or HORSEPOWER of the bike. Anyway the way he answered the question was rude and condescending, and somewhat dangerous seeing as he had no idea of the difference between a bike that will be manageable with the throttle pinned, and one that will throw you right off the seat. After that I decided to look around a bit and get a feel for the looks of newer bikes seeing as they didn't have much of a used bike inventory, I was watched THE ENTIRE TIME, I would walk to one side of the store to the other, and his eyes were on me the whole time all the way till I was out the door, it was very uncomfortable. If you want friendly knowledgeable sales people I suggest going to Champion Honda. I will never return to Velocity.

I hate this dealership with a passion. Granted I've repeatedly kind of let them screw me. But at the same time they're the only ones who will buy my old bikes for almost what I owed (mainly because I bought them from them). They try to make everything sound good then once you see it on paper your like wtf? I've bought several bikes and a jet ski from them and am military (so don't think they'll hook you up because they're just sweet talkin you) not once have I actually walked out of there 100% happy with everything but they're the biggest bike and jet ski dealer in the low country and havent got much of a choice. I recently bought a 2011 sea doo gtx si 215 for 16k what a mistake that was!!!!! I hate this pos I had to bring it back a week after I bought because after taking it out the first time I was cleaning it off and noticed rust under the suspension. This is a top of the line jet ski and they had it sitting out in the rain for almost a year. For real these guys here ain't nothin but a bunch of scam artists STAY AWAY!!!

David Landes - a year ago-
Spent nearly 30 minutes browsing the showroom, I counted 4 sales guys and not one so much as even looked at me much less said hello. Too bad......I had a pocketful of cash and was ready to buy a bike. This place is a joke. I bought me a bike from a private owner, cash money sale lost due to the fact these guys would rather text there girlfriend then sell a bike.

I will gladly drive 120 miles out of my way not to deal with that service dept. One service writer has no business dealing with public.

3 years ago-
Poor customer service, when the guy couldn't get us approved tried to sell us a scooter!! Are you serious dude? Will not go back and will never recommend them.

I do not intend to ever return to this dealership for anything. I came in with a simple question about the gas cap for my Suzuki C50 and the parts department said there was nothing that they could do to help me find the right part. Then I went to the sales reps and simple asked them if they could take the cap off of one of their bikes so I could compare it to mine, and they said that it was against store policy for them to touch the keys to any bike until after it was sold. I said I do not want to touch the keys you can hold the keys and the gas cap I do not need to touch it at all and the rep said no he would not and could not help me.

Poor service and no knowledge in the parts department.

Go elseware to get anything related to your bikes.

will conrad
Bought two bikes.......... First bike, a 2015 dr200 didn't even make it 20 miles and broke down, upon returning with the bike they made some excuses about bad gas............. Bike ran for two weeks and did the same thing again! Second bike, a 2015 70model Suzuki won't idle properly.......... I've had this equipment less than a month! Called service department and they said just drop it off and we'll call you when we get to it......... Basically these people are rip-off artist, they will sell you some shiny Junk and when you get off the lot its on you! Not satisfied with the quality of service, or the ability of the people to get it right.......... PLEASE, PLEASE be very careful if you deal with this place...........

5 Years ago
At first the sales people are some of the nicest people you will meet. They are very good at assisting you... Until you let them know that you are just looking and do not intend to buy anything. They will try to push you into buying something even if it isn't what you wanted just so they can make a sale. My husband told them that they he was just looking around, but wanted to look at other places too. He was informed that since they are around the corner and he would most likely be buying parts from them, that they would make it to where he would get put in the back of the line as well as he would get some of the worst service. All because he decided to not buy from then. Also, for the past three weeks, we have been called every other day by a guy from there trying to sell him something. He went in to look at motorcycles and they have offered him everything down to a jet ski, so so they can make a sale. They are very pushy and rude. We will not be buying from them in the future. I highly recommend that you think about it first before you buy from here. They jack the prices up, then make it look as if you are getting a good deal. Like I stated previously, if you are going to buy something, they are nice. However, it is when the find out that you aren't planning on buying from then that they turn into very hateful and harassing sales associates.

Jason Brown - 10 months ago-
Hours and days of operation are ridiculous! Here we have a business that is dedicated solely to selling and servicing recreational vehicles [Motorcycles, ATVs, Personal Watercraft and related parts and accessories] whose hours and days of operation are seemingly set up to serve stay at home Moms, low-income individuals whose work hours and days allow weekdays off and individuals who don't work at all. The "powersport" market is one that caters to those whose income levels allow ownership of "recreational" toys. The individuals that can afford to shop and buy in the "powersport" market are those whose income exceeds $50,000 annually, who work long weekday hours and don't work on weekends. However, Velocity Motorsports closes their doors by 6PM on weekdays and incredibly is only open for SEVEN HOURS the entire weekend with their service department only open for SIX HOURS! [open Saturday only from 9am - 4pm; service dept. 9am - 3pm] Velocity has created the perfect scenario for a targeted business to go out of business. Their incredibly poor business plan could have only been created by someone who has absolutely no common sense whatsoever or simply wanted to create a business that shuns the maximization of profit and cares nothing for providing opportunities for their commissioned salespeople to make a living.I'm through with Velocity, I'm taking my business to one of the other dozen businesses in the Charleston metro area that caters to motorcycle riders and ATV/personal watercraft owners...oddly enough they are ALL open on weekends. I will also do my very best to let all other enthusiasts I know and associate with to go elsewhere. These other places might be a bit more inconvenient to Goose Creek and Ladson, but I and others would surely make the trek to give our hard earned money to a business that caters to our recreational time-off and makes sound business decisions. By the way--this rating system wouldn't allow me to go any lower than one star or I would have provided a negative rating or no rating at all.

Nic Campbell

I went in there this morning and after standing around for about 15 minutes I left because not a single person came to help.


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Contact Your Better Business Bureau or Local Media.
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Charlotte BBB
Charlotte Business Journal
Rock Hill Herald
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The Charlotte Observer

Charleston BBB
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Knowledge is power. Discussion is important. We hear people complain regularly about being burned by companies. Most people do not research before engaging in business of any kind and then wake up to a history of deceitful practices and then wonder what happened. We are trying to make a difference and help the consumer in advance. We all need help. Let's not wait to hear bad news through a reporter. Let's take personal responsibility and empower one another. Companies or individuals who do excellent work need to be promoted. They need to be rewarded for doing great work. The reverse is true as well. There needs to be accountability at some point and this is one way to do it.

More Complaints . . . CitySearch


Charleston Power Sports is Unprofessional and RUDE! – Charleston Power Sports is a complete unprofessional business. They will rip you off and take you for a ride. They sell products that are junk. In order for you to get an answer from them you literally have to call a million times or go up and wait hours for their store manager Luke to even see you. When he does see you he will only proceed to be completely rude and disrespectful. I have filed multiple complaints. If you do not want to be taken advantage of I suggest YOU DO NOT even bother looking at the crap they offer.


Stay away from this buisness – I got ripped off at Charleston Power Sports, (also know as yamaha, suzuki and Seadoo Charleston ) they sold me a 4 wheeler that I payed cash for that was supposed to come out of the crate and and be the color that I wanted. Once the took my money and I was told to come back int 2 hours to pick it up. Instead I got a floor model that didn't run because the gas had varnished the whole fuel system, sitting on 3 flats and a dead battery . George the manager is a dishonest and the owner doesn't care as long as his pockets are fat. I have tried to resolve this with them to no resolve. There is so much to say and you can contact me and we will talk. They also stole my $250 dollar manufacture gas card money. I am a chief in the USN so please pass this on to your people.




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